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Tor Challenge- herramienta para ciberactivismo anónimo

Miércoles 11 de junio de 2014.

We’re joining our allies at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the Tor Project, and Freedom of the Press Foundation in kicking off the Tor Challenge, an effort to strengthen the global Tor network that protects Internet traffic from surveillance.

Tor is a publicly accessible, free software-based system for anonymizing Internet traffic. Tor relies on thousands of computers around the world called relays, which route traffic in tricky ways to dodge spying. The more relays, the stronger and faster the network. That’s where you come in:

Start a relay and register it with the Tor Challenge! It’s easy and works on all operating systems, including the best one — GNU/Linux.

Tor is used by journalists, political dissidents, and everyday folks around the world. In fact, it was used by Edward Snowden for his famous leaks. The FSF is proud to run our own Tor relay as well.

We’ve long been supporters of Tor, and we’re pumped to join our allies in promoting it. As we write this, there have already been 370 new relays set up in the past two days. Let’s help double that!

To learn about more tools and actions you can take to secure privacy for yourself and your community, see the FSF’s bulk surveillance page. For a discussion of pushing back bulk surveillance on a mass scale, read Richard Stallman’s article "How Much Surveillance Can Democracy Withstand?".

Zak Rogoff Campaigns Manager Free Software Foundation

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